In collaboration with the esteemed Atelier Markgraph, I had the privilege of helping to develop the media design and sound concept for Mercedes-Benz's presence at the esteemed Frankfurt event, solidifying Monomango's ongoing partnership since 2015.

Our exhibition showcased a series of captivating experience hubs, inviting visitors to embark on a guided tour through visionary future urban scenarios. The pinnacle of this remarkable event was the monumental media installation, thoughtfully integrated within the majestic architecture of the renowned Festhalle.

Introducing "Beyond the Car - The Future of Mobility," our stage concept embraced an innovative architectural approach. Through the seamless connection of individual experience hubs, we created a captivating media installation employing state-of-the-art LED panels discreetly mounted on their reverse sides.

Within these interconnected hubs, guests were immersed in a thought-provoking exploration of pressing topics, including sustainability, smart city initiatives, and transformative mobility concepts. As visitors progressed through this transformative journey, they were ultimately greeted by the main stage, where the grandeur of "The Big Picture" unfolded before their eyes—an awe-inspiring display of media and artistic brilliance.

Furthermore, we curated an intricate city environment, meticulously crafting four distinct themes that artfully conveyed the narratives of electromobility and Big Data. Combining live performances with evocative footage capturing genuine human interactions, masterfully produced by Raid Films, we took viewers on a captivating 30-minute voyage. From serene countryside landscapes to a vibrant square nestled in the heart of the visionary "Green City," the experience was nothing short of extraordinary.

In summary, our unwavering commitment to design excellence brought this remarkable vision to life, delivering an immersive journey that engaged and inspired each and every visitor.

My Role: Styleframes & Motion Design/Animation -  Main Stage

Project: Mercedes-Benz IAA 2019 – Media Design 'Big Picture' & 'Trust Hub'
Client: Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt
Concept for media content and presentation: Atelier Markgraph & MONOMANGO
Creative Direction MONOMANGO: Lois Kainhuber
Music concept & Direction: Olivier Fröhlich
Creative Producer: Veith Michel
3D Visualisation: Tim Stolzenburg

Big picture:

Art Direction / Lead Artist: Nino Matthey
Motion Design & CGI: Jonathan Margies, Hugo Morais
Music Composition & SFX: Olivier Fröhlich, Simon Walbrook
Film Production 'casual moments': Raid Film

World premiere Vision EQS:

Art Direction: Julia Parchimowicz
Motion Design & CGI: Fabio Medrano
Music composition & sfx: Olivier Fröhlich