Anti Denim
666 Frames of Darkness. 

666 Frames of Darkness.

"The project "666 Frames" is a tribute to the dark aesthetics that seems to be a growing influence in fashion, music and art. Together with Jørgen Monkeby from the band Shining, Malin Pettersen, model and choreographer, Photographer Fred Jonni and Motionblur we have shot an intense movie in super high res to create a project so intense and dark that the world have not seen anything like it.

A movie consists of frames, we see each frame as a potential art canvas of darkness, and the plan is to gather artists, illustrators and rebellious likeminded to fill 666 frames with unique imagery and content. Once the film is filled with imagery it will be an inferno of darkness. Each participant have the total freedom of how their personal darkness come alive on top of our art movie."

Anti Denim -


Anti Denim Norway

Concept development. Illustration.

Create an illustration encapsulating a dark aesthetic, thus creating a single frame for the film.


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