September 30, 2022


Controlling text to image generation is still a mess. Getting basic photography right as a baseline.

June 8, 2022

Hello world is what it said!

is what artificially generated imagery is saying right now.

On the other side of the void we are staring back, not knowing how to deal with a wave, of something that resembles art, coming at us at an unprecedented speed. We know not, whether to greet the stranger with open arms, like a distant cousin we meet at the first time or an invader, hidden away in a trojan horse. Is this just another tool, that is used to create art, just like the photo camera or, as someone argued on Youtube, oil paint? Or are we actively working on our own demise, preparing the machine for a market disruption, just as it happened to workers all over the world?

The advent of artificial intelligence art tools, like Mid-Journey or Dall-E 2 is changing the conversation rapidly and we are, as we usually do, trying to keep up. And as usual the choice falls to us collectively, not singularly.

Since we don't know what we don't yet know, it's probably half smart to prepare for a journey that, no doubt will revolutionize the art and design, end careers but also bring about new forms of art, of expression and possibilities for more and more people in ways that never seemed possible.

The following are my first steps into unknown.

Android princess, half human, half machine with influences from a renaissance book.

When you give it the Wikipedia description of "The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne" by Leonardo da Vinci (Wikipedia) it looses focus and messes up.

What is that? A panda alien?

If you want o dig deeper, there's a pretty decent explanation on how this works on YouTube. Basically, you gotta know what you're doing and experiment, hope for inspiration and lucky accidents. Which in my opinion isn't too far from what artists are doing anyways, even if nobody wants to admit it.

If you wanna dig deeper, John LePore wrote an interesting thread about it on Twitter and The Verge did a piece on Dall-E 2 that's a really good read.





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