Graphic Designer Berlin
Graphic Designer Berlin


My Role: Illustration

Havas Worldwide Zurich asked for some stunning imagery for their client Riposa. Riposa is an innovative swiss think tank and premium brand, that focuses on the merits of healthy sleep. Their latest product, the Riposa Sfera is cool high-tech mattress featuring the SFERA globe feathering system. The TouchPoint TP relieves and supports every point of your body simultaniously. While photographer Raphaƫl Yoshitomi made sure the model was looking her bestest, I created a world of spheres for her to rest on. Of course I used the latest 3D wizardry to make the girl fit on the spheres. During the pitch phase i also created a sort of dreamworld which unfortunately never made it to the final piece. Obviously the reduced final version is way cleaner.

  • RIPOSA_sfera
  • Riposa_Trees
  • RIPOSA_Pitch
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