Graphic Designer Berlin
Graphic Designer Berlin

Madeleine & Alex Wedding Package

My Role: Everything

So… Madeleine and Alex are getting married. Time to push the big button and unleash some major design fury unto the world. I was tasked to create some beautiful invitations with a ‘logo’, a website and going with it, a short intro animation. When people get married, they go for the complete package.

After discussing the whole thing I came up with the plan. We decided on a romantic vintage theme.I asked the wonderful Sepideh Madani to draw some flower and leaves, so I could create a bouquet for the cover as well as some material for the inside. Since the wedding is going to take place in an old blacksmith’s shop I wanted to represent that in the logo, as to keep it subtle. The hammer and the pliers are symbols of the blacksmith guild. The invitation is wrapped in a silk ribbon which is symbolic of the bond the couple will forge. It holds a ‘business’ card, that the receiver of the invitation can keep seperately so the thought of this important day won’t flee their minds. Eventually I created an animation. I modeled, textured, lit and composited everything but only after the wonderfully talented Guenther Doblies created some lovely tunes (playing an actual guitar) that couldn’t suit the occasion any better.

I recommend listenig to those sounds more than once.

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